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10 Facts About SEO Every Beginer Should Know

New Webmasters often struggle with making SEO work despite all of the information available. There are hundreds of facts you need to know about SEO before you can understand what it really is, and how it can help your website reach its full potential. The following are going to be of great help for a start.

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6 Ways Web Designers & Developers Can Optimize Sites for Search Engine Optimization

Web designers and developers have many responsibilities when it comes to building websites. From creating a solid layout for the front-end, to writing clean code so that the site runs bug free – there’s a lot involved. However, one thing that is often neglected and should fall on both the designer and developer is search engine optimization. Here are six ways designers and developers can practice better SEO.

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How to prevent the link injection spam from basicpills

For the past few weeks,thousands of Wordpress sites(including our client site) have been infected and spam links injected into the sites databases.

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Six Best Web Design Blogs To Follow

Looking for new Ideas and inspiration in the design industry? Here is a list of 6 great web design blogs to subscribe to. Whether you are looking for some creative inspiration, trying to stay up on the current trends, or are seeking the latest buttons, textures, or graphics, you can find them. If you simply want to sharpen your skills – or learn new ones – you can do that as well.

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Creating A Custom WordPress Multi-instance Widget

While working on a client PSD to Wordpress conversion, I faced a situation where it was useful to create a custom widget that would help the client organize content on their site in the footer area. The client had four blocks in the footer area that he wanted updated but in slightly different configurations i.e title, image, text and a link.

This made me start digging into Wordpress Widgets API and I discovered since version 2.8, widget development has become easier as you only need to extend the standard widget class and some of its functions. Also, it now allows multiple use of each widget.

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