03 Oct 2011

Advanced Recent Posts Widget

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A light widget advanced version of the WordPress Recent Posts widget allowing increased customization to display recent posts from multiple categories or from custom post types.


* Display post thumbnails, with customizable size and automatic resizing using timthumb script.
* Display post excerpt, date, comment count, and more.
* Provides option to:
***show the post excerpt and how long the excerpt should be.
***show the post excerpt and how long the excerpt should be.
***show the post date.
***show read more link
***show the comment count.
***override the post order to order by; date, title, random, comment count etc.
***select multiple categories
***select custom post type
* Multiple widgets.


1. Download the plugin.

2. Upload it to the plugins folder of your blog.

3. Goto the Plugins section of the WordPress admin and activate the plugin.

4. Goto the Widget tab of the Presentation section and configure the widget.

5. Changing the CSS – If you need to configure the CSS style of Advanced Recent Posts Widget, you can copy the ‘advanced-recent-posts-widget.css’ file from the plugin directory to your theme’s directory and make your modifications there. This way, you won’t lose your changes when you update the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions / Usage

screenshot faq Advanced Recent Posts Widget

1: Title

Default: Recent Posts

This field sets the title of the widget. It works the same as every other widget.

2: Sort by

Default: Date

Override the post order to order by; date, title, random, comment count

3: Reverse sort order (ascending)

Default: DESC

Change post sort order to ASC

4: Include post excerpt

Default: no

Displays the post excerpt of each post.

5: Excerpt length (in words)

Default: 5

Limits the numbers of words to display of each posts excerpt.

6: Include read more link in excerpt

Default: no

Include read more link in excerpt

7: Excerpt read more text

Default: Read more →

Set the read more link text

8: Include post date

Default: no

Include post date in posts

9: Show number of comments

Default: no

Include number of comments posts

10: Number of posts

Default: 5

Changes how many posts are displayed in the widget.

11: Show post thumbnail

Default: no

Displays the post thumbnails of each post.

12: Thumbnail dimensions

Default: 50 x 50

Sets the size of the post thumbnail in pixels.

13: Categories

Default: all

Sets the categories to display posts from.

14: Show Post Type

Default: post

Sets the post type / custom post type to display

Download Plugin

Advanced Recent Posts Widget

56 Responses to “Advanced Recent Posts Widget”

  1. Scott says:

    I just downloaded your plugin and everything looks great except I don’t see #11, #12 … on my widget there’s not an option to show post thumbnail.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks … Scott

    • Safiweb Interactive says:

      Hey Scott,

      Thank you for downloading the plugin. The options are not showing because your current theme doesn’t support post thumbnails.

      Add this somewhere on your current theme functions.php:
      // This theme uses post thumbnails
      add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

  2. Carlos Lopez says:

    Is there a way to reference the thumbnails via custom fields. The auto size for the thumbnails is pulling from the featured image that does not look good as a thumbnail. I would like to set it if possible.
    thank you,

  3. Acouphene says:

    Thanks for this plugin :-)
    I’ve got 2 problems :
    – Special characters (é, è, …) dont display correctly.
    – Thumbnails are not showing.
    Any idea ?

  4. Enrico says:

    Hi, thanks for your great job. I have a little problem with excerpt lenght, it doesn’t works with the famous Atahualpa 3.7.1 theme (with default theme it works). If you want, can you ceck the compatibility issue? You can download this theme at official wordpress directory.

  5. Enrico says:

    Thanks a lot. :)

  6. Jordan says:

    I would love to have my excerpt have the original formatting from the blog post. Is that possible?

    • Safiweb Interactive says:

      It’s possible by tweaking the css. Copy this css file wp-content/plugins/advanced-recent-posts-widget/css/advanced-recent-posts-widget.css to your current theme folder and you make your css changes/modifications.

  7. Sjoerd says:

    Hello, is it possible to get the date and title on one line?
    Now it displays the date below the title on a new line..

  8. Kyle says:

    Great plug-in, nice work! I am also having trouble getting the thumbnails to work. I’m developing locally at the moment, so I can’t share a log-in with you. My theme does support post thumbnails. Once published, the post shows up in the widget with the 50×50 box where the image thumbnail should be, but no image – like a broken referral link.

  9. Katie says:

    Great plugin, thank you! I’m having a problem with the alignment….the post titles are going outside of my sidebar. Any idea how I can edit that?

    Thank you!

    • Safiweb Interactive says:

      I think it’s a css issue…just checked http://www.kbkcommunications.com/blog/ and saw the issue. Go to wp-content/plugins/advanced-recent-posts-widget/css/ and copy advanced-recent-posts-widget.css to your current active theme your site is using. Then thereafter open the file and on line 26, add width:auto !important or simply in your style.css add.advanced_recent_posts_widget ul li {
      width: auto !important;

  10. Daz says:

    Hi, I’m using your plugin, it’s great – but I can’t seem to get it to allow /**/ tags to work from post snippet. Any ideas?

  11. Dave Boyle says:

    Hi Scott – loving the plugin – a real help.

    One quick question – I’d rather not have the precent posts in a list – Can you tell me which bit of code I need to snip to remove this? I don’t wish to break the php file!

  12. Pete says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great widget!

    I’m in the process of creating a page on my blog that lists an amount of recent comments… this was made very easy with the use of your widget. So far everything works perfectly. What I want to do now is get the widget to list recent comments as well as their nested replies. I’ve also installed the WordPress Thread Comment plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-thread-comment/

    Is there a way i can modify the code of your widget to also display the nested comment replies?


  13. Pete says:

    Oops. Sorry, right question sent to the wrong people.

    Please ignore this question. Thanks!

  14. Natalia says:


    I downloaded the plug in and it doesnt show the thumnails. I also did this:

    Add this somewhere on your current theme functions.php:
    // This theme uses post thumbnails
    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

    But still not working. help!



  15. Natalia says:

    Nevermind. I read some other comments and got the problem fixed. I wasn’t using the feature image options.



  16. dorothy says:

    Great plugin! just having a problem with showing the thumbnails and i’ve noticed above you said about the feature image options – i’m not quite sure where these options are… sorry i’m probably being a little thick! Can you point me in the right direction.
    Thank you!


  17. dorothy says:

    i found the feature image option – it was part of the wordpress options on the edit post page. So i made the image on the post a feature image and now i have the space where the thumbnail should be but no thumbnail… can you tell me where i’m going wrong.

    Thank you!

  18. dorothy says:

    Hi there
    Thank you for your reply
    it’s http://www.dorothysulzmann.co.uk
    Thank you

  19. the_okie says:


    Thanks for useful plugin, but i’m having a problem with excerpt length (in words), its always showing all words, even though I set it to 3 or 5 words.

    Please help :)

    Best Regards,


  20. paso says:

    great plugin, an information file tim thumb and how can I update it to version 2.8 to 2.8.9 I have problems with security

  21. Barry says:

    My trim excerpt fix is at pastebin http://pastebin.com/ckLx1utD

  22. Andy says:

    Thanks for the great plugin. I want to reformat the date. I edited the advanced-recent-posts-widget.php file and changed line 154 from:


    That way it uses my default WP date setting. Is there a way to make this change permanent so I doesn’t get overwritten during a plugin update?

  23. audrey says:

    Love the plugin. Is there a way I can limit the posts to a certain author? Like an if statement that would look for a variable I’ve already set in the header, and then show only that author’s recent posts, or else show the most recent of everyone?

  24. Henry says:

    I’m having problems displaying thumbnails. I have added add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); to my theme and aslo set a featured image for my post. But thumbnail is still not appearing.
    I can see the alt text for the thumbnail.

    I’m sure missing something simple… thanks for your support.

  25. Dick says:

    I just activated it and it seems to work well. The only problem is that I have a blue dot, bulletpoint, whatever showing up transposed over the first letter. I’ve tried adjusting the letters a bit but I can’t figure it out.Thanks, Dick.

  26. Joe Wilbur says:

    When I hover over a post the pop-up text is “permanent link to [postname]“. Is there a way to make that hover text simply say [postname]?

  27. Amyth says:


    Great Work with the plugin. I am facing a little problem getting thumbnails to show up.

    I have a custom theme with post thumbnails enabled.
    I am using the Featured Image option to set the featured image.

    The images are set as featured images but they do not show up in the widget. I would not be able to give you a link to the website as it is on my development server and not live. Any ideas how i can fix this issue or what might be the problem ?

  28. Luis says:

    Awesome plugin!
    Is there a way I can remove the “list”
    I want the post to show normal, without the list format

    • Safiweb Interactive says:

      At the moment there is no possibility but by the end of this month, I will be updating the plugin which will make it possible either to use a li’s or p or div’s

  29. geraldine says:

    i find it weird. i’m using wootheme’s swatch theme. in the functions.php, i added that:
    // This theme uses post thumbnails
    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );
    but the thumbnail still not showing. i can only see the thumbnail if i’m logged in!

  30. Kirby says:

    When I save my widget options (I use Widget Logic) your widget disappears from where I have dragged it (which is my Secondary Widget Area).

    Any ideas why?

  31. Reynold says:

    Hi there,

    Need help. No images showing up.

    // This theme uses post thumbnails
    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); is in my functions.php and I have used featured image.

    Please assist.


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