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Choosing the Right Web Host

Whether you have a personal or a business website, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Choosing the right web host for your website is very important as it could have a significant impact in your business in form of downtime, lost sales and loss of visitors(customers) to your website.  There are a few things you should look out for to find the right web host. Here, you will find some tips to help you find the right web host for your website.

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Speed Up Your WordPress Website/Blog

As you may overheard, your website SPEED is a new criteria Google is using to determine your rankings on search results. Thus increasing the speed of your website is very important not just for search results but for your website visitor’s experience. There are many ways you can speed up your Wordpress installation, here are a few I have worked on to improve our clients Wordpress sites.

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min-height for IE

min-height doesn’t work in IE, here is a workaround to the IE shortcoming or bug

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Adding nofollow attribute to the link to comments generated through wordpress comments_popup_link

If you are using the template tag comments_popup_link to display the link to post comments or open up comments pop up window, you would like to make those links “Nofollow”.

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Some simple CSS tips to overcome IE6/IE7 bugs

If you are a web designer or developer , you know how these two browsers causes one headache. When you are almost done with a website, you realize it’s look awful in IE6 or IE7 but looks okay in all other browsers. One is forced to start debugging , search the web etc etc for some quick fix or hacks. But I have come to realize, they are some basic things we tend to ignore in our CSS or HTML code that can fight most common IE6/IE7 bugs.

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